Breakthrough Technologies in Topical Formulations

Passion in Redefining Beauty

we embrace innovation. we experiment. we are scientists. we push boundaries. we are cutting edge. we turn trends into reality. we are changing the industry one formula at a time.

Our Services

Application Development & DVT
Novel and existing raw ingredients

Hair Care
In-shower, post shower, styling, scalp treatment, skinification

Skin Care
Anti-aging, anti-acne, skin protectant, therapeutic

Personal Care
Women, men, baby, kids, germ protection, therapeutic

Feminine Care
Health and hygiene

Sun Care
SPF and post-sun

Our Clients

Medium to Large Corporations

luluble specializes in all aspects of product development: application development & DVT (design, validation & testing) for novel and existing raw ingredients, new formulations, reformulation of existing products to keep them current and trendy, troubleshooting unstable formulations 

We provide problem solving techniques for any stage of the development process

Startups & Indie Brands

Count on luluble to start your business!
Is working with cosmetics your dream? Can you envision developing your own product, building your brand and leaving your legacy in a bottle?

If that's your wish, you need to get to know luluble
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Our Story

2 Women - Chemical Engineers - Powerhouse of Solutions

luluble was founded by Luciana Coutinho, a veteran in the product development industry for many years. Her passion for cosmetics led to successfully developments and launches of more than 1000 cosmetics, OTC, and medical device products worldwide for many well known corporations.‍

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