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Medium to Large Corporations

luluble specializes in all aspects of product development: application development & DVT (design, validation & testing) for novel and existing raw ingredients, new formulations, reformulation of existing products to keep them current and trendy, troubleshooting unstable formulations

We provide problem solving techniques for any stage of the development process

Startups & Indie Brands

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Is working with cosmetics your dream? Can you envision developing your own product, building your brand and leaving your legacy in a bottle?

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“In my many years experience in personal care as a supplier and a customer., I have encountered a lot of talent in this industry. LULUBLE is certainly one of the top. They can provide a complete service to their clients from formulation, manufacturing process know-how and new concepts in product delivery. They are technically sophisticated, they understand manufacturing and last, but certainly not least , they go as far as to think of what the consumer needs! Their creativity and presentation covers from the first raw material to products on the shelves. They are building a great reputation in the industry and I am proud to say that I have seen their growth and I am looking forward to following their success in the future.”

Malena Higuera – Managing Partner – – MAldecoa & Associates LLC

“I’ve worked with hundreds of formulators throughout my career and luluble is at the top of my list for labs that provide exceptional creativity and customer service. This boutique development lab stays laser-focused on their clients’ needs. They really listen to what their clients want and are able to distill these visions into product ready for sale. The team at luluble are fearless about innovation. They are open to even the most difficult requests, provide thoughtful risk-assessments and ultimately deliver innovative, on-trend products that are truly effective and a pleasure to use. luluble knows that there’s more to product development than mixing ingredients. They adhere to their timelines, provide options to help their clients reach their product development goals and have the experience to help new entrepreneurs navigate their first projects.”

Michele Duggan, MCD Cosmetics