Product Development

luluble partners with you to provide concept-to-counter technical assistance from:
Pre-development, Development, Pre-commercialization to Commercialization

luluble provides expertise in natural, naturally derived, clean synthetics, bio-engineered, and organic ingredients that adhere to industry standards and certifications.



Competitive Landscape
Mapping category to create right product architecture
Performing competitive product technical assessments
Evaluating competitive claims and positioning

Concept Development
Assessing product benchmarks: aesthetics, fragrance, package, claims
Assessing industry and off-industry trends to find the unique selling proposition
Investigating white space technologies
Reviewing raw ingredients to fit the positioning, claims, look and feel
Identifying celebrity and functional raw ingredients
Mapping fragrance
Reviewing package for best formula fit
Assisting with focus groups for concept testing

Strategic Raw Material
Partnership with niche or commodity raw ingredient suppliers to best fit the development of your product

Strategic Fragrance House
Partnership with the fragrance houses for fragrance fit and level setting

Strategic Contract Manufacturer
Partnership with contract manufacturers to provide options for supply chain initiatives

Utilizing luluble cosmetics studio for the development of prototypes
Performing formula optimization, reformulation and troubleshooting